PRO-MED Healthcare Program Eligibility

Who is eligible for the PRO-MED Healthcare Program?

The PRO-MED Healthcare Program includes our clients employee’s  right to add their dependents (husband/wife and children under 24 years old that are not married and can prove that are full time students).

• Each eligible employee must fill in an application listing all his/her eligible dependents at the time of affiliation.

• New dependents (newborn children) must be included at the time of their birth.

• Eligible dependents include legal spouse and children up to 18 years old, or up to 24 years old if they are full time students.

• Children not living at their parent’s home, or that have full time jobs,  shall be excluded regardless of age.

• Our program will accept members up to 64 years old.

What the PRO-MED Medical Group Health Care Program does NOT cover:

– Alcoholism treatment

– Drug abuse treatment

– Elective abortion

– Correction of visual sharpness

– Congenital diseases

– Baldness

– Obesity & Weigh loss treatments

– Infertility

– Psychiatric and psychological ailments & treatments

– Acupuncture or naturist treatments

– AIDS (HIV) or related illnesses

– Vitamins & immunizations