Philosophical Framework

Our philosophy is that the well-being of our patients must be the focal point of our attention. Every member of our staff of professionals embodies this philosophy by providing the best care possible. In our opinion, high-quality and personal medical care is what our patients need and deserve.

The ideal relationship with your physician is one that developes over time and is based on mutual respect, understanding, and trust. In this situation, the patient and physician become informed partners, making appropriate healthcare decisions together with consideration for the patient’s individual values. Creating such an ideal relationship requires a special commitment on the part of the patient and the physician. It is also important that patients have access to their physician who knows them well and makes the necessary time to devote to their individual needs.

Patients want to be informed partners, participating fully in their healthcare decision making. Despite its many benefits, the explosive growth of medical information, technology and treatment options have shifted many physicians’ focus away from the traditional role  listening to their patients and helping them create their own best pathway to optimal health. People want their doctor to understand what ails them in a personal way. They want their doctor to respect their personal values and help them apply those values when choosing a treatment option or preventive healthcare decision. Patient want a true healing relationship with their physician so they can achieve their own best possible health outcomes.

Medical decisions are often based upon costs rather than caring. Patients and physicians alike are dissatisfied with inefficient bureaucracies, fragmented healthcare and disrupted relationships. The central goal of medicine “to make and keep patients healthy” has in most instances been lost or at the very least, diminished. While our society struggles to find solutions to these problems, we propose a “Common Sense Model of Medical Care” based upon an educated partnership between patient and physician. We will work tirelessly to block such a travesty within our  healthcare institution. The real center of PRO-MED’s medical philosophy is not just technology and state of the art equipment, but more importantly, the “doctor-patient relationship”.

Physicians are expected to consider the needs of the whole patient, while at the same time proving direct medical care, education, and preventive services. Patients are expected to be active partners, working along with their doctor pursuing the same common goals. Education is a necessary part of any treatment program. We as caregivers at PRO-MED frequently advise our patients to partake in their own education with regard to daily exercise, nutrition,  and developing healthy habits.

Wen Illness is present, it  affects both the body and mind of the individual and his or her family. Full recovery requires addressing all of these: the physical effects on the body, the psychological effects on the mind, and the impact on employment. The PRO-MED Medical Group is dedicated to serving the needs of our patients and their families as well as the clients we work with by offering the best healthcare services, quality of life, and peace of mind possible at an affordable price.

Although there are many things that are uncertain in life, you can count on the following from the PRO-MED Medical Group:

Our Values

• Service

• Integrity

• Compassion

• Honesty

• Innovation

• Responsibility

Providing comprehensive medical services to the population adhering to our security plans, through a multidisciplinary team committed to providing professional and warm attention, personalized and prompt based on ethical principles and full respect for the rights of patients.
Being a competitive comprehensive medical services, recognized for his leadership and bi-national strategic alliances, with excellent infrastructure and sufficient to deal with large volumes of patients.
With a high level of consistent customer satisfaction, and financial strength that supports the company.