A Letter From Our Director, Luis J. Ontiveros, M.D.

Providing medical care should be like no other service.

A physician, while giving medical treatment, has a special professional and moral obligation to help the person who’s receiving his or her treatment. This obligation is like that of no other profession. Our responsibility as doctors – to heal – honestly and to the best of each of our knowledge and abilities, overrides any other commitments.

As most of us know, our public healthcare systems (not only in the United States and Mexico but all over the world), is very economically challenged. In an effort to contain costs the traditional healing relationship between patient and physician has been devalued and subordinated to an economic relationship between insurance companies and those that are lucky enough to be insured. I have always believed this to be wrong and detrimental to our medical profession from a moral and ethical standpoint.

The term “patient” should constantly remind any doctor of the exceptional responsibility bestowed upon him or her by the “doctor-patient” relationship. If a person with an illness or medical need becomes and ordinary consumer, the doctor patient relationship would be lessened. Some have erroneously  argued that the term “patient” somehow demeans the healthcare recipient. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is the perspective of all our physicians at the PRO-MED GRUPO MEDICO that it is a privilege to have someone entrust you with their health care. In this context, the term “patient” reflects our respect for your integrity, dignity, humanity and individual needs.

Our goal is to bring the highest level of medical care and treatment within the reach of every one of our patients. To achieve that goal we must understand your goals as well as your medical needs. In order to achieve this, we invest a great deal of time and resources in developing new ways to help our patients and in maintaining our position at the forefront of Mexico’s health care providers.

The medical centers within the PRO-MED Network provide excellent medical care. Our PRO-MED Primary care Center and partner hospitals have received international accreditations, with many having received prestigious national awards. We proudly provide our patients with care from top physicians using state-of-the-art technology as well as exceptional post-surgical nursing care in an uncompromising, professionally managed environment.

We Provide

• Dignity

• Peace of Mind

• Quality of Life