About Mexico

About Mexico and the benefits of our geographical location

We would like to think of ourselves in PRO-MED as cultural and medical ambassadors not only of our medical profession, healthcare facilities but of a Mexico we would like people to understand, know and admire. Many years of extremely bad publicity has befallen our beautiful country and it is our duty and responsibility to do everything in our power as citizens, physicians and medical professionals to improve the way we are perceived by our friends all over the world.

Mexico is not what you may imagine it to be. We would like to invite you into a new era for Mexico and to strengthen a warm relationship that both Americans & Mexicans can enjoy and prosper from as we have for so many years.

PRO-MED is a good neighbor, the kind of neighbor anyone would want to have.

Our medical care facility headquarters are located in Mexicali, Baja California. Only a two hour drive from beautiful San Diego, California, Mexicali is the capital City of the State of Baja California and is located on the border with the United States. Mexicali was born the 14 of March of 1903. The name Mexicali comes from the anagram MEXI-co and CALI-fornia, which in an inverse way also generated the name of Calexico, access door to the state of California and frontier with Mexicali. It is the capitol of the state of “Baja California”.

Our healthcare program, includes some of North America’s finest hospitals and some of the continent’s best doctors. In order to provide the best healthcare possible to our clients and patients, the PRO-MED Medical Group has Program Partner Hospitals and Medical Centers throughout the North of Mexico:

  • Tijuana, Baja California
  • Mexicali, Baja California
  • San Luis Río Colorado
  • Nogales, Sonora
  • Juarez, Chihuahua
  • Matamoros, Tamaulipas
  • Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
  • Reynosa, Tamaulipas

Mexicali’s urban development has been benefited by the border localization of Mexicali, so has commerce and other activities. Despite its rural beginnings, the city has evolved progressively into a big urban and manufacture center. All the national banks operate in the city with more than 60 branches. There are several first class hotels with facilities for conventions. Mexicali also has excellent malls and a wide variety of restaurants being particularly famous the Cantonese cuisine, important part of the heritage that the city has from China. The city also has the State theater, art galleries and a regional museum which helps to preserve the history of the city.

Crafts exhibitions of regional handicrafts from around the country, including costume dresses, ceramics, jewelry to name a few.

If you look for something more relaxing, how about golf? Mexicali offers a professional 18 hole course. Some close places for the practice of ecotourism include the thermal springs of the Guadalupe Canyon, the Cucapah Sierra, the salt fields of the Laguna Salada and, of course, the beautiful beaches of San Felipe in front of the warm waters of the Sea of Cortes.

During October you’ll find a few cultural activities – live music, dance, cockfights and the like – taking place as part of the Fiesta del Sol; at any other time of year you can fill an hour browsing the local history exhibits at the free “Museo Regional de la Universidad de Baja California”.

The Mexicali border crossing is open 24 hours and usually relatively quiet, the crossing procedures are straightforward and simple.